Forlorn Hope

Finalist in the 2022 Wishing Shelf Book Awards!

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“A superbly crafted, engagingly entertaining, and memorable work of historical romance.” —Midwest Book Review

“This was so good, that I read it in one sitting! Clever dialogue, likeable characters and an enticing plot that held my attention until the very end. I loved it and cannot wait for more in the series.” –Amazon reader

“I ended up reading this over a couple of days whenever I could, always the sign of a good book. Ideal for losing yourself for a while whilst the world goes on around you.” –Amazon UK reader

Captain Geoffrey Mantell has returned after years on the Peninsula to find a wife, but none of the society misses he meets quite grasp what he’s been through as a soldier. Only Miss Emily Chandry, the unfortunate daughter of the miser next door, seems to understand him completely, but though the hours they spend together are the happiest of his life, he does not think of her as more than his childhood playfellow.

Only after his regiment is recalled to the Continent to fight the horrific battle of Waterloo does Geoffrey at last see the truth, realizing that Emily is the only one for him. He comes back to England after the war to claim her hand, but he is too late—Emily is lost to him, the wife of a stranger who does not seem to care for more than her social connections.

Reeling from this turn of events, Geoffrey must try to move on. But Emily’s situation will continue to haunt him until a mystery surrounding her late father opens up opportunities to change her fate, and he can only hope that his love for her will not drive him too far.

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